Cortney's Fitness Letter #8


Hey fellow Shy Children!

It has been a minute since I checked in with you and I'm so very sorry. I always think people read my Twitter to get really fast updated information but I need to realize everyone didn't have or use Twitter like I do. So I'm going to fix that issue and actually keep updated on here too. 
The last time I mentioned anything about health I told you I was going Vegan and that I was already Vegan for two weeks. Well that hasn't changed, I'm still Vegan two months later and I'm really loving it. I have way more energy, feel better emotionally and ever get so much more water in without even realizing it. I know it's not for everyone but taking small steps is the best way to go... with just about anything.

I know your probably wondering about my weight, since I haven't posted anything about it on here in a while too... let me update you. The last time I did a Weekly Weigh In I was 261.2 lbs and as of now I'm 254.0 lbs. That means I'm down 7.2 lbs since the last time I told you and as a whole I'm down 12 lbs. I have been at a stop with my weight, gaining 2 lbs then losing it... you know that struggle. But I haven't been hard on myself since this holiday season. I feel like we only live once and enjoying the holiday festivities and food is what I'm going to do. That doesn't mean I'm going to go crazy and say F everything, I worked so hard already but having some treats isn't going hurt me and I think you should do the same.

Now for the New Years!
It's going to get real and real fast. I'm not going to play when it comes to my weight loss because we can all lose so much weight in a whole year. I have already started taking the steps and process of planning by first asking for a cool planner for Christmas, I just have to get the fitness inserts when they become available January 1st and I have ordered two fitness magazines... Because why not. I'm already getting fashion and beauty magazines, so I might as well have fitness magazines come too. They ones I ordered are Shape Magazine (2 years subscription) and Health Magazine (1 year subscription) just for inspiration and motivation. I will also be on social media using the #FashionshychildHealth and posting on here every week for my Weekly Weigh In and once a month you will get a Fitness Letter with tips, advice, updates and more. So we are going to do this together as Fitness Pals and have lots of fun along the way. I have been thinking about making a Periscope, but not really sure how I will use it but I really want to be connected with you all. 

If you have any suggestions and cool ways for use to stay connected and motivate each other, please share in the comments section.

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