Framed Art Filled With Kisses D.I.Y

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Hey fellow Shy Children!
With the Holidays around us and gift giving in full swing, finding gifts for special people that really don't want anything can be hard... But it didn't have to be! Certain people in your life like your grandma, mom or significant other really would just appreciate something from the heart (aka a home made gift).
Remember when you were in Elementary School and your teacher had you do cute little projects to give to your parents as gifts? Well those gifts really made you feel great to giving them away. But just remember how the person who received it felt! 
So today I am going to be sharing with you a D.I.Y. I seen in the December 2015/January2016 issue of Seventeen Magazine. If you have the issue its on page 58 and the section is called, "Pretty DIY Presents". There is also two more DIY's on the page if you would like to do them but they will require a little more time and shopping.
Anyways, lets get started!

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Things You Will Need:
Picture frame (any size you want)
1 piece of white printer paper
A pencil with and eraser
3 Lipsticks of your choosing ( I suggest a Dark, Medium and a light ... Not too light)
Tissue or Paper towel
*e.l.f. Kiss it goodbye lipstick color remover (not really needed but highly recommended)

framed art filled with kisses 3

1. Open up your picture frame and take the piece of paper it comes with out. Then take that paper of paper and line it up with your printer paper. ( I suggest lining it up with the corner of the printer paper to save paper). Now take your pencil and outline you stencil. Once you have it all outlined, take your scissors and cut out your new piece.

framed art filled with kisses 5

2. With the lipsticks you picked out and ready to go, place them in order from dark to light or the one you want to use first, second and third. This way you can trade out a color you don't think fits or when your ready to place on your lips it will be easier to apply.
I'm using Urban Decay Revolution "69", Revlon Super Lustrous "Berry Haute" and MAC "Candy Yum-Yum".

framed art filled with kisses 4

3. It's now time for you to apply your first lipstick to your lips. Once it is on, kiss your paper in different sections. When your done remove that lipstick color and repeat with the second and third lipstick colors.
PS: This is a messy part and removing the lipstick color from your lips can be hard. That why I recommend using the e.l.f. Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover.

framed art filled with kisses 6

4. When you are all done, let your lipstick kisses dry and then place your new art work into your frame... That's it!  

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