My Top 8 Outfit Post of 2015


This year in "Outfits" I feel really expressed me as a person. I'm very simple and love simple pieces but I can rock the hell out of them by dressing them up. 
I'm pretty sure 2016 will be the same, unless someone puts a spell on me and your girl turns to the high heel life... JK! But on a real note my weight will be going down this coming year, since it is a high focus of mine. So a change in me wearing different "stuff/things" might just happen. It just won't go extrem as high street fashion but I'll keep it "Urban City Kid" for you...

PS: Thank You to everyone that has supported me on this journey. I see all of your repost, favorites and comments all over social media and I just can't express how much you all mean to me. 
That being said 2016 is going to be a great year and I can't wait to share more with you.

tiffany blue 4
   {Tiffany Blue}
{New Barbie}

209 south side 2 
{209 South Side}

Hello Cortney 3

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