My 3 Holy Grail Hair Products

My 3 Holy Grail Hair Products
One of my most frequently asked topic questions I get, has to do with my hair and what I use in it to keep it healthy.
 I can see why I get these type of questions, since on here I don't really get into hair and hair care at all. It's just a topic I find hard to talk about since we all have different hair and hair types and need to do certain things to upkeep it.
But since a lot of you are interested in my hair, I guess I can get into the topic with you and maybe my tips and tricks can help you out too.
So first thing first, when it comes to my hair and hair care I love to test out products. It's a way for me to see how different types of products work for me and don't work. That's one of the reasons I have know problems reviewing shampoos and conditioners on here ... But those favorites are for another post. After testing out so many products over the years of my life I do have 3 holy grail products that you will always see me using and buying over and over again. The 3 products are a hair and scalp grease, a leave in strengthening conditioner and last but not least a heat protectant spray. So that being said lets get into why I love them!

My 3 Holy Grail Hair Products 1
{Africa's Best Super Gro
Maximum Hair & Scalp Conditioner}
Hair grease, hair grease... Hair grease! This can be one of the most controversial things in the black community. People say don't use it, so say do use it, others say only use certain ones and last but not  lease your hair dresser says user not using it right... Like WTF! I use this Africa's  Best one and I freakin love it. It has to be the best smelling grease ever! It does have little herbs in it but that docent bug me. I love using this after shampooing and conditioning my hair. I apply the leave in conditioner first and comb that through and then I apply this grease comb and then brush it up.
Tip: To preserve your hair style and the moisture you applied always wear a hair cap or silk scarf when your sleeping. This way the moisture stays in your hair and you also don't have to straighten it as much.
My 3 Holy Grail Hair Products 2 
{Cream of Nature Argan Oil
Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner}
Having a leave in conditioner is very important for a lot of different hair types. But us with ethnic/Afro hair really need it the most. Since the key is to keep your hair happy and moisturized. Think of your hair as a flower, you watered it and watered it and watched it grow. But some days you didn't and you started to see it sag and look unhappy... Well that's like your hair. It's most happy when moisturized and conditioned that's why the hair grease above and this leave in work so great together.
I love this leave in because it super easy to use. All you have to do is shake it up to activate it and spray it on your damp or dry hair and that's it. Also it smells really good and the finish will have your hair looking conditioned and healthy.
Tip: Ever seen a picture or video of me with wavy hair that looked like I curled it at one point? Well I didn't! After straightening, my hair can look way to straight and that's not really my style. So I will spray my hair with this and comb it through letting my natural waves kinds come out.
My 3 Holy Grail Hair Products 3 
{TRESemme Thermal Creations
Heat Tamer Leave-in Spray}
I straight my hair at the most about three times a week and that depends on the season/weather/state of my hair. To some people that's to much and I'm damaging my hair and to others I'm blessed that I only have to straighten it that much. For me, it is what it is and I have to do it to keep my hair manageable . That is why I choose and always preach if your going to add ANY TYPE of heat to your hair always use a heat protectant... It's your best friend. I love this TRESemme on because it smells good but it's also really light on the hair. You can even use heat up to 450 degrees of you need that much... Some times I do! It also leaves a nice finish and shine to the hair once straightened. 
Tip: Pick a high number like 20 and spray that many sprays to you hair. This way you know your hair got some protection applied to it. Also I like to Apply some even when I don't straighten it on very hot days that I know I'm going to be in the heat/sun.
My 3 Holy Grail Hair Products 4

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