5 Netflix Movies You Need To Watch

5 Netflix Movies You Need To Watch
If I have any bit of free time and I'm in front of my TV, I am more than likely on Netflix, looking for something to watch or setting there for an extreme amount of time because I'm just too sucked in. There is so many things to watch on Netflix it's completely crazy!

But it can become overwhelming looking through all of the available options. I personal love saving titles Im interested in to the "My List" section. This way I never forget what I wanted to see and the overwhelming ness of finding something doesn't take up to much time. I have gathered 5 Netflix movies I would recommend you watch or save to your "My List" to watch for later. Some are titles that you may have ran across so many times and just said, "Nah" too. But I'm telling you, these top 5 will change your life and even be great conversation starters. So here are my Top 5 Netflix Movies You Need To Watch ...

1. Tomorrow, When The War Began

2. The Road Within 

3. Out Of The Dark

4. Dope

5. PlantPure Nation

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