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When it comes to finding energy bars now a days, it seems like everything has so many ingredients, sugars, whey and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't even pronounce. On top of that I'm a vegan, so those bars basically get canceled out and have completely know purpose for me. But I'm not alone in this, since other people suffer from food allergies that prevent them from having energy bars too. But don't feel bad... There is a company with a solution on our side and their name is Brisk.
When I came across Brisk Bars I first thought, that looks good but I know it's going to have something in it that I can't have... You know that pre-judging a lot of us due. But than I seen that I said 70% Dark Chocolate and any chocolate with that percentage is usually vegan, so I looked more into it. When reading more about the Brisk Bars I found out that they really do care about their product. This came across more and more as I continued reading and found out that their energy bars are completely plant based and contain no chemical drugs or weird sugars... That being said I was sold and really needed to try this product out. 
They sent me over 4 Brisk Bars to try for free, along with an informative pamphlet. After testing out these bars and of course sharing with family to get there reaction and thoughts, it's now time that I share with you all what I think about the Brisk Bars. In this review I will be covering these key topics: Packaging, Product Review with Pros and Cons and My Final thoughts... So lets get into it!
Packaging: I love the packaging! The colors pop and it's a real attention grabber. But the best part for me is being able to see the actual product though the packaging... That's so real bonus points for Brisk.
Product Review: The look and feel of these bars really remind me of a brownie, so I though it was going to be super rich and chocolaty but I was actually completely surprised. It has a bit of a chocolate bitter taste but the coconut shavings on top basically act like the sugar flavor. At first it's a real interesting taste but it really grows on you. I did notice that it has an after taste of pill power and I don't know what in it would give it that interesting weired taste... But that didn't stop me. I also noticed that eating the whole bar was just not going to happen for me. The intensity of the bar is just way to strong for me and just having half of it I'm literally bouncing off of the wall. So the company stating that it's stronger than one espresso is completely true. The following day I did try the bar as a pre workout to see how it would last and work and I highly recommend it for that more than anything. 
Pros: Energy Boost, Vegan, Only Need Half of a Bar
Cons: Couldn't Stay Focus, Had a Pill Powder After Taste
My Final Thoughts: I'm in love! It's a great product for an energy source and it's something that I really recommend for a pre workout or energy/happy boost. I can really say that with confidence because I'm recommending something to you all my friends and I know your getting something what's good for your body and not filled with harmful toxic. I didn't mention it before but it's also GMO free, gluten free, soy free, peanut free and has low sodium... That's amazing!
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