Fake Nail It or Nah

fake nail it or nah
I used to not be a huge fake nail person and I'm still not. It's just as I started to get older and wanted to look more put together, Fake nails became more of my thing, sometimes. A lot of people would ask, "how come I don't just paint your real nails?" But if you really look at my real nails, it would be like painting a child's finger nails... Not cute on a person my age... Trust me!

Last year I did a blog post called, "Impress With Your At Home Manicure" it was a post featuring Impress Press-on Nails and I love that brand and nails to death! They are so easy to apply and they look natural and stylish. So after I tried the both sets I had... This was a span of two weeks, since the nails only last a week on. I decided to go to a shop and get my nails done. Long story short because I think I should make a story time video or blog post about this because it's very serious and a lot of people need to be aware... my nails turned green! Yes, yellowish green and smelt. It wasn't all of my nails, thank god but it was 4 of them. Since then I haven't applied anything on to my nails, since I was so horrified by that whole experience. But looking though my makeup, Iv noticed that I had two packs of fake nails in there. I don't know how I forgot they were in there, In tell I really looked and remembered that they are a special printed kind. LOL, don't get me wrong they are not that special since they came from the Dollar Tree. They just have a pattern on them that just never fits for a basic occasion. Really look at them! One looks like a person would wear on their wedding day or prom and the other looks like Easter or spring/summer pool day nails. And for a side not if your new to my blog, I will be moving sometime soon. 
So the question I have for you is, should I Fake Nail It or Nah!?

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