Radii Simply Grey

Radii Simply Grey 7
Shirt: (similar here) | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Radii "Simple" Grey | Sunglasses: Garage Sale Find 
This weekend, which started for me on Friday was a complete change! We decided to go to the Mall for a chance to get out the house and do something different. The first store we stopped in was Forever 21 (That's the entrance we came in) and can we state this store was freakin packed! It wasn't just people but the items itself was just making the whole environment claustrophobic. I only found two pairs of jeans, looked around a little and had to get out. Other than that we went to Vans and JCPenney, so E could get shoes and Levis... His obsession! 
So if your wondering about these super cool space looking shoes, there actually by Radii. I bought them for E awhile back and he just never wore them. Here to come find out he loved but they were a little tight on his feet... So he gave them back to me. I'm excited! Mainly because I love this brands style and these shoes are acutely really comfortable to me.

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