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Hey fellow Shy Children!
So I have decided to start a new series on FashionShyChild called, Sampled Child. It's going to be a post where I sample the samples I have or receive. I decided to come up with this idea when I was looking through my makeup stash and noticed that I have way too may samples that are just setting in a drawer not getting used or tested. So why not I just start testing some out and share with my friends what I really thing about the products. This way you can get an honest review without going to get the product yourself and waist money. 
So since this is the first post of its kind, I am going to be sharing my thoughts and experiences using Sinfulcolors Sinful Shine Gel Technology Duo. I received this product of course as a sample from Pinch Me. Even though it was sent as sample products, they are actually full size nail polishes. 

I tested out a blue nail color in "Break Away" which is actually step 1 and step 2 is just a clear top coat with the name, "Top Coat"... Such a given! Anyways from my understanding this is Sinfulcolors take on gel nails. I have seen a lot of gel polishes on the market and a lot of them required a heat light lamp thing. Since this one is just a two step easy process...  and really affordable. I know your really wondering, dose it really work!? And I have to tell you, YESSS! It really does work and it looks like you really went to the shop and got your nails did professionally. So I applied the blue color on to my toe nails (if blue isn't your color the company has wayyy more colors to choose from in their SinfulShine line) When applying the color I was super shocked to see how opaque the color is and with just one coat you can get a true to color payoff... I applied two though. When dried you will notice how shiny the color is already. Now for this top coat! I really have a lot to say about this because I just don't get the point of it at all. I know what a top coat is, to add shine and seal the color for longer lasting and finish but the nail polish color itself is already shiny. Meaning this top coat felt unless applying and if you see the consistency of it, it's kinda thin and a bit watery. With that being said, I had a problem with my big toe. When applying the top coat onto the color .... Yes it was dry! I notice it was diluting my blue color, making me have to apply more blue to that nail. So I decided to wait an hour and then apply the top coat and that seemed to work. But I shouldn't have to wait that long for an at home manicure and the top coat shouldn't be messing up the nail color that went on streak free and seamlessly. 
So my final thoughts are, if you are interested in getting a gel nail finish this is a great inexpensive product. I would just get the nail color you like (meaning Step 1) and just using what ever top coat you already have, unless you can find this in a duo pack. But I still don't think the top coat is worth it.
If you have tested out this product, let me know your thoughts on the whole thing. Did you like it or nah and what do you think about the Top Coat?

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