Weekly Weigh In #3: Getting Back Into The Groove

I haven't updated you all on my weight in so long, that it's just completely sad. I feel really bad for letting it go on so long but even more for myself in the fact that I'm kinda letting us all down. There is quite a few of you that is on this journey with me and I haven been that friend to give the support back. 
You can really see it in my weight chat! I thought by now I would weigh much less, at least in the 240-230 range but No... I'm still in the freakin 250's like WTF! I haven't been eating different, I still exercise multiple times a week, so the only really possibly is I need to drink more water and use Myfitnesspal more. I have notice that my muscle mass went up (my scale tracks that kind of stuff) so that's a good thing. But the number one thing I really need to change and reduce is stress! I have been stressed out for so long with person stuff... That's really not that personal since I told you the whole story in Yesterdays post. But if I reduce the stress I think I can really have more of a positive outcome. Also last but not least measurements are going to start happening. I really feel a difference in my body and I do think in stringing in inches even when my weight number struggles.

So here is the break down:
My Journey Start Weight: 265.6
My Weight Today: 257.8
My Goal For Next Week: No goal*

*No goal! So I can see how much I can really loose in a week. So I just need to be less than what I am today.

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