Why I Subscribed to Health Style Magazines

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  Magazines have always been a huge part of my life and ever since I could remember hoarding them was also a big thing too. I would mostly use them for ideas, fantasizing and scrap booking. (How to store magazine clippings) But the kind of magazines I own or had access to always changed. For example, my grandmas house (my moms mom) always had home and decorating magazines... That was her thing. Other family houses would have your typical black culture magazines like Jet and ebony and then there was the dentist office! He always had gossip and style magazines and I thought it was just amazing! But the best part was, he would let me take some home. So from this information I have been around a lot of different styles of magazines and when I was able to buy or subscribe to my own pickings, I went for fashion, beauty and teen mags. But I never ever thought I would be subscribed to Health Magazines!

Why would someone like me even go for such a thing?

Well the answer to that is... Change! Looking deep into my magazines past I was very into the superficial lifestyle and look, Not realizing how I was brainwashing myself. I said it during the beginning, did you catch it? I said, "I would fantasize" and the same way that word sounds is how it was like. Lets break it down for better understanding! So FAN: I would pick celebrity's I liked. TA: I would make that sound over how there body's looked and Size: I always wanted to be their slim size. This is what a lot of people do and we just don't realize it In tell it's too late. But it's never to late to change! This is why I subscribed to healthy lifestyle magazines with a positive vision. Because without a positive vision health magazines can also turn into obsession mags because of the fit body people they have in there. But the key is to look for inspiration that's not toxic to you. For me that's the foods they recommend, workouts and success story's. But the huge key I hope you get from this is your more than a magazine and just like the celebrity you like or idolize your just as famous... It's all what you put into perspective!

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