5 Lush Products I Would Love To Try

5 Lush Products I Would Love To Try
It's crazy how much luxuries we have, in our everyday lives that we just take for granted. If you have been following my blog story, you know I grew up in the Bay Area... San Francisco to be exact and I lived there my whole life until 2014 when I made the decision to move out to Stockton,CA. With that big of a change led me to realize, I was living like a luxury princess back in the Bay Area... Materialistically speaking. I had the option to go to any store I wanted to go to and Lush Cosmetics was definitely an option, I tell ya! With two Lush stores in the city already and a third one looks to be coming to Fisherman's Whalf... That's having it made in my eyes. Because now I don't have the option to just go. The only option I have now is to order online and when I make that order, these are my top 5 Lush products I would love to try:
  1. The Experimenter (Bath Bomb $8.95)
  2. Mint Julips (Lip Scrub $9.95)
  3. Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment (Luxury Bath Melt $7.95)
  4. The Comforter (Shower Cream $18.95)
  5. Caca Rouge (Henna Hair Dye $27.95)

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