Black Radiance: Vivid Imagination - Bright Eyes Kit

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Hey, fellow Shy Children!
I have been watching YouTube beauty videos for years now... since 07 or 08 and i have seen a lot of girls of color talk about a company called Black Radiance. They would always say how amazing it is because of the variety of brown shades they have to fit our skin tones or complement it. I though it was fascinating because at the time i was a little darker than what i am now, due to the fact i was in the sun more. So finding a shade that would match me was always difficult. but something was also difficult at the same time, Black Radiance from there words was only at Walmart and back then i didn't live close to a Walmart... So testing out this company would have to wait.

One day i was inside Kmart... another store i have fallen back in love with. I was therefor a memory chip and in the proximity Kmart was the closest store to get this chip, so i said why not. I got the chip and being a beauty product junky i had to go on over and she what product they have, mainly left over from the holiday time and quest what i found? Yep, something from the Black Radiance line and i was super excited to test it out and hare it with my readers and viewers and that is what i did!

The video right below this is an official unboxing video. I waited to take any of the products out of the box in tell i could get this video filmed or you all. After you watch the unboxing video there will be pictures of the products so you can get a closer look at all of them...enjoy!


The kit is Limited Edition, so if your interest you can purchase it HERE

Black Radiance Vivid Imagination 2 Black Radiance Vivid Imagination 3 Black Radiance Vivid Imagination 4 Black Radiance Vivid Imagination 5 Black Radiance Vivid Imagination 6 Black Radiance Vivid Imagination 7 Black Radiance Vivid Imagination 8

I assume you have watched my official unboxing video and got to see all of the products the kit came with. So now it is time for my first impressions of the products. I do have to state that i wasn't to happy with a lot of the products in this kit but my overall view of the company hasn't diminished. I still am really looking forward to trying and testing out more products from Black Radiance and maybe in the future i can film or do a full face only using their product.

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