Cortney's Fitness Letter #10

Hello fellow Shy Children!
Another month has past and a fitness letter from me is here. I stated in my last fitness letter that I subscribed to some fitness and health magazines and they haven't arrived yet. Well now they are here and coming! I'm really excited to have a hands on visual motivation for some of the things they talk about and share. But remember I am Vegan and I do have to say, a lot of the food ideas and planning has a lot to do with the meat for protein aspect... I'm not about that life. 
So I have been looking for a Vegan magazine or something I can get for free and I found one. I went to Peta2 and requested a Guide To Going Vegan brochure and I do have to say it's really helpful. There is recipes, suggestions with nutritional information, support and even cool merchandise. I suggest you give it a look or try and see what you think for yourself.
 Other than that I have been having a huge problem with snacking on nuts and chips. It's to the point that I need an intervention for myself... It's starting now! I admit, I cant use the "well it's Vegan" excuse for all my snacking because in reality I'm just going to binge on it. I don't think I ever mentioned this to you but I do take medicine that makes me think I'm hungry, even though I might just need water... #GirlProblems. But I did find an app called Happy Scale. I think it's completely amazing and it really breaks down everything in a way to keep you on track and motivated. All you have to do is weigh yourself every morning and the app will find a pattern to predict your goals. I have it broken down to 10 milestones because every bit of weight loss is a celebration.
I love you all and we can do this, support is the key to success! 

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