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In my last Outfit post called Radii Simply Grey, I featured a pair of Radii grey sneakers and can I say Thank You for all of the love around social media... You all had great things to say and I appreciate that. But there was also a lot of curiosity too and that made me realize I needed to do a separate post all out the shoes. So that leads us to were we are now. 
I first heard of Radii through because I love the company and site and I'm on there a lot to see what's new in urban fashion. I personal bought the Radii shoes your seeing now off of there too. But Drjays isn't the only place you can find Radii sneakers, the Radii company has there own website you can purchase from and they are also available through Amazon. But before anything you have to know about sizing and I will use my shoe size for an example. Radii is a men's size shoe, so that being said I'm a women size 11 US and with Radii shoes I'm a 10.5 US. This is because I have notice that they do run a bit small or they just don't really support wide flat feet. Now if I use my boyfriend as an example since he is a man, he wears a 10.5 US just like the shoe size I have but the shoe is to tight on him, so getting an 11 or 11.5 would be his best bet...I hope that helps with sizing.
The last thing would have to be your personal preference in style. Radii shoes come in different styles to choose from and really taking a good look at there website, I'm sure there is at least on pair you would love to have! If you would like to see My Top 5 Radii Shoe Pick, check out the bottom of this post... Links to shoes are provided and I hope this post helps. ❤️

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Top 5 Radii Shoe Picks
  1. Radii Vertex Liquid Gold 
  2. Radii Straight Jacket VLC
  3. Radii Vertex Ghost Python 
  4. Radii Phuket Runner Black Grey Cement 
  5. Radii Basic Navy Navy Suede

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