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Kid CUDI 5
Shirt: Hot Topic (similar here) | Jeans: Forever21 | Sandals: Adidas | Glasses: Tantino Wayfarer  
| Phone Case: Target (similar here)
I have been religiously living in this Kid Cudi concert tee all weekend! I came to a conclusion in my head that there is know reason to be messing up any more shirts, when all i am doing is packing, planning and running around. 
If you don't follow me on social media... mainly Snapchat right now you are really missing out. But if you dont wont to be left behind anymore, my name on there is Fashionshychild. I mentioned in a couple of past post that i will be moving and the only thing that i really didn't know was when... buying a house takes forever but i will get more into that in another post. But long story short is we are suppose to be getting the keys in the next day or two and the moving will begin. 
Last but not least on the line of kid Cudi, i have been a fan for a long time now and since i have been living with his face on my chest for a couple of days now, might as well share my top 5 Kid Cudi songs with you... So here they are:
1. Mr. Rager
2. Soundtrack 2 My Life
3. Sky Might Fall
4. Scott Mescudi vs. the World ft. Cee-Lo
5. Up Up & Away
Bonus: Snoop Dogg "That Tree" ft. Kid Cudi

Kid CUDI 1 Kid CUDI 2 Kid CUDI 3 Kid CUDI 4 Kid CUDI 7 Kid CUDI 6

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