Sampled Child: Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner in Blue

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Hey, fellow Shy Children!
 The day has come as I review and tell you my thoughts on the Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner in blue. This eyeliner is one that I have been wearing and testing out for a little while now. I got it back in one of my Ipsy bags and have always thought the glitter color was just everything! 
I'm the one to not be scared at testing out makeup looks and products and to be 100 with you, the crazy the color the more excited I really am. 
Back onto the eyeliner! So every time I wear this liner I always get questions and complements from you all... My friends/readers... So I will start from there. The brand is Nicka k New York and I myself have never heard of the brand In tell I was receiving their products in my Ipsy bags. But if you check out their website they actually have a lot of products that are reasonably price... Like drug store! 
Now let's get into application. The application process is really easy. Yes it is a liquid product but it's not super wet and messy like a lot of liquid eyeliners but that being said its not dry either. When applying always take your time and if you do mess up fix it right then and there because this product has amazing staying power and it will be very hard to take off, without messing up the rest of your makeup. When I wear this eyeliner I like going for more of a neutral eye, only because this eyeliner loves to be the center of attention and with all that beautiful glitter ... why not let it. Last but not least, I haven't seen this eyeliner on the Nicka K website recently but I did find it on amazon along with 13 of their other shades. Would you give it a try/test?
PS: I would love to get more colors, maybe a pink, gold or purple but what are your thoughts about glitter eyeliners and there lasting powers?

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