I Moved

I have been gone for so long on here it's completely crazy and unbelievable to me.  Mainly because I planned so hard to have a smooth move but clearly it didn't work out as planned.

This was the hardest move I think I have ever done! And I know what you are thinking, me moving out of the Bay Area should have been the hardest and it was but this move was more mind numbing and before I even finished packing I was so over the whole process. But I am so glad everything on that part is over now. On another note I have been having laptop problems aka my laptop battery completely went out and I have know clue how since I haven't been on it in like 3 weeks but that isn't going to stop me from communicating with you and getting content up. 

Last but not least I do have to Thank You for staying with me and supporting me along this journey. It has been a bit rocky lately but things will get better and smooth out.

PS: I do have a SnapChat it's " Fashionshychild "

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