FashionShyChild : May 2016

May 31, 2016

Pet Sematary

pet sematary  4
Top: Forever21 | Jacket: Forever21 | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Nike Dunk Sky Hi

I don't know whats going on with the weather in California but if it keeps going the way it has been going, im not going to be surprised if we have an earthquake. I do take into consideration that i live in the Valley but everywhere in California is going through unusual temperature problems. I kid you not it looked like it was going to rain just last week and today its 99 degrees.... Thank positive Cort!

May 27, 2016

5 Top Places I Would Love To Visit

{London, England 2009}

It has been so long since i have taken a vacation, its really sad. Growing up i always thought that i would get older and be able to travel, just like i was traveling then. Every summer being able to experiences something new and exciting and being one of the only kids in my classes to share the experiences as we learn about it at the same time. But as you get older and become an adult that free time kinda drifts away and saving for something even small doesn't always happen. At this point in time going somewhere like Las Vegas would be exciting but being me i kinda have bigger dreams. That being said here are my 5 Top Places I Would Love To Visit...

May 24, 2016

Sampled Child: Aukey 2 in 1 Lens Combo Kits

Hey Fellow Shy Children!
So a month back i was given the opportunity to test out some tech products. I know Fashion Shy Child isn't a tech blog and its main focus is Fashion, beauty and health but you also have to remember tech plays a big part in what i do to make content for you and anything i am using/testing out at the time i am going to share it with you, my friends. 

May 23, 2016

Colorful Palette

colorful palette 11
Shirt: Torrid | Shorts: 599fashion | Shoes: Nike Court Tranxition | Necklace: MyNameNecklace | Lipstick: COVERGIRL Queen Collection Stay Luscious "Passion"

This weekend has been by far the most chill weekend i have had in a while. It feels so great to stop thinking about the world around me and what i have to get done and actually enjoy the present time. 

May 17, 2016

Something About A Great Highlight

Something About Great Highlight Though
Recently i have been really into applying a highlight to my face, when i do my makeup and a lot of you have noticed. Coming a long with that, the question to what highlighters i use has been widely asked and i can understand why. When i would look at highlighters my main focus/question to myself would be, "would this color show up on my skin?" And a lot of the times it would but it wouldn't look cute because it would show up ashy. 

May 16, 2016

Orange Skulls

Orange Skulls 10
Top: Drjays | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Nike Court Tranxition | Necklace: My Name Necklace | Lipstick: COVERGIRL Queen Collection Stay Luscious "Passion"

I don't know what it is but getting up in the morning and having to get dressed, has been a complete nightmare for me. I don't want to wear anything in my closet because a lot of it makes me feel/look fat or i just keep wearing the same things over and over again...its really getting old.

May 6, 2016

Napoleon Perdis: Bought But Never Used

NP Set Baked  Powder 1
A couple of years back at Target, I came across this blush set from Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics a.k.a. NP. It was setting in a plastic bucket on an end cap surrounded by a whole bunch of other marked down beauty products.
 This product in particular caught my eye because of its simple beauty of packaging... Very clean looking and gets straight to the point. So I picked it up to see exactly what it was and how it could benefit my makeup routine. "Nooo! Freakin way", I said. "It's an NP product extremely marked down".

May 4, 2016

What I Eat In A Day | Vegan #1

What I Eat In A Day - Vegan #1 (1)

Since deciding to go back to Veganism and putting it out there, i have been getting a lot of questions to what i eat. At first i thought it was just weird that people didn't understand, even though i would break it down as simple as possible... No Meat, No Dairy! but i cant be mad because it really proves that our society really surrounds there life around meat and really dont know anything about the food pyramid and its categories. It basically made me start to question them on what they eat but i am a nice person so i said i would Snapchat meals i eat here and there and so i did. But a lot of people i do reach doesn't follow me on Snapchat...(fashionshychild is my snap name) and that made me feel kinda bad. So today i am sharing with you my first ever What I Eat In A Day as a vegan to show you what i eat and also show you how simple it really is. Last but not least if you are thinking about going over to the vegan plant base lifestyle make sure to read this post Vegan Grocery Tips On A Budget.

May 3, 2016

Sampled Child: L'oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Line

Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Line  2
Hey fellow Shy Children!
So I was given the opportunity to test out  L'oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Line via CrowdTap. Which i am so grateful to have the opportunity to do and be able to share my experiences with you all.
 I am a woman of color and i do have the ethnic hair that comes along with that. That being said, i do not treat my hair with any chemicals to alter the texture to having straight hair. I am a wash, air dry and straighten type of person and that works for me right now. I do suffer from hair dryness and that has been going on since i was a kid. This problem has lead to me having many hair/scalp problems like hair fallout, breakage, itchy scalp and of course the look of dry thirsty hair. But along the way i have found products that work and help out with a lot of different problems and this line i do have to say is something special. 
That being said lets get into the review... 

May 2, 2016


Square 3
Shirt: Kmart | Pants: Kmart | Sandals: Adidas | Glasses: Amazon c/o Tantino | Lipstick: CoverGirl Queen Collection Stay Luscious "Passion"

After spending almost a month without a working computer because of my battery mysteriously dying during the move. I can happily say i am so excited to be back and sharing my life through content with you. We have so much to catch up on and i hope you will come back everyday to discover something new.