5 Top Places I Would Love To Visit

{London, England 2009}

It has been so long since i have taken a vacation, its really sad. Growing up i always thought that i would get older and be able to travel, just like i was traveling then. Every summer being able to experiences something new and exciting and being one of the only kids in my classes to share the experiences as we learn about it at the same time. But as you get older and become an adult that free time kinda drifts away and saving for something even small doesn't always happen. At this point in time going somewhere like Las Vegas would be exciting but being me i kinda have bigger dreams. That being said here are my 5 Top Places I Would Love To Visit...

1. South Korea
I've been obsessed with South Korea lately and its really not a big surprise to the people around me since i love Asian culture. But i have went so far into learning about the area and culture, that i have taken it upon myself to learn the language (that includes the writing too). I know what some of you are thinking... I would stick out like a sore thumb, but its all good.
2. Africa
I'm a huge animal lover so going to Africa was always a big dream of mine. The Lion King movie didn't make it any better since a safari would have to be on the top of my list. But there is also other lovely things i would like to do in Africa and the main reason why i didn't pick a main place. I would love to visit Morocco and also Cape Town, South Africa. 
Fact: Did you know that i get asked a lot online if i am from Cape Town? So the answer to that is I'm not! But i am really flattered since its such a beautiful place.
3. Tokyo, Japan
Harajuku, Video Games and Hello Kitty... i don't even have to say anymore! If you know me, you know those are the main things i love and will feel right at home. I would like to visit when the Cherry Blossom festival is going on though.
4. Hawaii
I don't know what island i would like to visit but its a part of the United States and it just has to happen some day. PS: Do they have any Vegan food at a luau?
5. Jamaica 
The food! Where i live i cant find any good spices, everything is basic and it kinda sucks. Since i don't eat meat i wouldn't be able to experience that part but i know they have a lot of vegan options. So that just equals great food in Paradise!

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