Napoleon Perdis: Bought But Never Used

NP Set Baked  Powder 1
A couple of years back at Target, I came across this blush set from Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics a.k.a. NP. It was setting in a plastic bucket on an end cap surrounded by a whole bunch of other marked down beauty products.
 This product in particular caught my eye because of its simple beauty of packaging... Very clean looking and gets straight to the point. So I picked it up to see exactly what it was and how it could benefit my makeup routine. "Nooo! Freakin way", I said. "It's an NP product extremely marked down".
  Of course at the time my boyfriend was there and completely didn't care or understand my amazement. So I explained how NP products are usually highly marked for a drugstore product and I always wanted to try something from the brand but could never justify spending $20 on one product, from a brand I never used or tested out. He understood and asked "how much is it now." I wish you could have seen my Spongbob SquarePants grin say $6 like I just plotted on some candy I was going to get. But anyways I bought it and went home a happy camper. 
Fast forward to this year.
So you all know I recently moved and going through makeup, clothing and junk is something you just do... Get rid of the old and unused to get new and fresh. So while I was going through my makeup ( if you want to see my makeup collection go over to my YouTube page) and throwing out stuff or putting it in a pile to giveaway, I came back across this Napoleon Perdis blush set. A product that I was so thrilled to buy and finally test out... But to make you completely sad, I never used it. Not only did I never use/test it out I freakin never opened it. Yep! It was still taped closed right before these pictures were taken. A Napoleon Perdis product that was bought but never used.
PS: Has this ever happened to you? If so let me know your story. ❤️

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  1. Lol! I have a bunch of eye shadows I need to open. They weren't very expensive and I think if I had spent more I would have opened them sooner.


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