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Hey fellow Shy Children!
So I was given the opportunity to test out  L'oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Line via CrowdTap. Which i am so grateful to have the opportunity to do and be able to share my experiences with you all.
 I am a woman of color and i do have the ethnic hair that comes along with that. That being said, i do not treat my hair with any chemicals to alter the texture to having straight hair. I am a wash, air dry and straighten type of person and that works for me right now. I do suffer from hair dryness and that has been going on since i was a kid. This problem has lead to me having many hair/scalp problems like hair fallout, breakage, itchy scalp and of course the look of dry thirsty hair. But along the way i have found products that work and help out with a lot of different problems and this line i do have to say is something special. 
That being said lets get into the review... 

Shampoo: When it comes to shampoo i try not to use a lot of it or keep it in for too long. Only because shampoos are made to strip the hair and make it clean but in my case i have dry somewhat damaged hair and that will literally kill it. But with this shampoo its really the opposite. It feels like I'm adding moisture to my hair without the greasy feeling that hair oil/grease gives. So L'oreal was right on with adding oil complexes of Argan, Chamomile, Coconut, Amia, Soja and Sunflower because for my ethnic hair it takes it like magic. So when its time to rinse it out you will notice how hydrated your hair already is because that stiff feeling from using a shampoo isn't there. Also a huge bonus is that it smells amazing and very calming... must be that chamomile.

Conditioner: I go through conditioner like a mad joke. Its usually the first thing from a line that goes. This only happens because i feel like i always have to use a lot of it to make the conditioning process work better...but not any more! Since i used the shampoo from the line first my hair at this point if already cleaned and moisturized. So when the conditioning part comes a little goes along ways. I just make sure my hair is coated, tie it up and let it sit until i finish my shower. When i rinse this out my hair is still moisturized but it is also super soft, healthy looking and amazingly straight. I kid you not it looks like i did a chemical relaxer and all i did was wash it. So if you are one to use relaxers to get straight hair i really do suggest giving this shampoo and conditioner a try.
Serum: I wash my hair once a week and throughout that week i will use this serum as  way to upkeep the silky look. this product smells great and its not oily even though it has oil complex in it. It also works great on hair extensions if they are looking a bit dry.
My Final thoughts: I suggest everyone to give this line of products a try, it can really only work wonders for you. Something i do have to state is my hair did lose volume, so it was super straight after straightening it. For some that might be just amazing and everything you have ever wanted but for me it can be a bit to straight and i cant wait for day 2 or 3 to come around and give a little volume.

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