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Shirt: Kmart | Pants: Kmart | Sandals: Adidas | Glasses: Amazon c/o Tantino | Lipstick: CoverGirl Queen Collection Stay Luscious "Passion"

After spending almost a month without a working computer because of my battery mysteriously dying during the move. I can happily say i am so excited to be back and sharing my life through content with you. We have so much to catch up on and i hope you will come back everyday to discover something new. 

Other than that i have been enjoying shopping at Kmart. I dont know, there is something about that store that is just very captivating or its just the fact that i dont hear people talking about it and it makes me feel like i can find the best looking and different finds. Two pieces i have recently picked up were the shirt and pants i am wearing in this post. The shirt is actually from the Young en's department because they have the best graphic tees that actually look, feel and fit amazingly. The pants on the other hand was from the Lady's department but they actually had a lot of plus size and patterns to pick from. They are super comfortable and really do flatter any figure, so i do suggest you pick up or find a pair that looks like it.

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photos by Eric

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