What I Eat In A Day | Vegan #1

What I Eat In A Day - Vegan #1 (1)

Since deciding to go back to Veganism and putting it out there, i have been getting a lot of questions to what i eat. At first i thought it was just weird that people didn't understand, even though i would break it down as simple as possible... No Meat, No Dairy! but i cant be mad because it really proves that our society really surrounds there life around meat and really dont know anything about the food pyramid and its categories. It basically made me start to question them on what they eat but i am a nice person so i said i would Snapchat meals i eat here and there and so i did. But a lot of people i do reach doesn't follow me on Snapchat...(fashionshychild is my snap name) and that made me feel kinda bad. So today i am sharing with you my first ever What I Eat In A Day as a vegan to show you what i eat and also show you how simple it really is. Last but not least if you are thinking about going over to the vegan plant base lifestyle make sure to read this post Vegan Grocery Tips On A Budget.

What I Eat In A Day Vegan  1
*Blue Diamond Almond Milk unsweetened
*Chia Seeds
*Granny Smith Apple
*Dasani Water
What I Eat In A Day Vegan  2
*Tribe Spicy Red Pepper gluten free Hummus
What I Eat In A Day Vegan  3
*Pinto beans
*Baby Spinach
*Baby Bella Mushrooms
(seasoned with some Soy Sauce)
*BLK. Water
What I Eat In A Day Vegan  4
*Mamba Sour Candy
What I Eat In A Day Vegan  5
*Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme Meal
-No cheese,sour cream or meat
-Ask for beans and make it Fresco
(Same for the Taco)
*Brisk Mango Fiesta

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