50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things That Make Me Happy
There is so many things that effect your feelings and your state of mind, in your everyday life that will make you feel less of the person that you really are. We all go through it! Even though we try our hardest to be positive and remember The Law of Attraction is the key to success, sometimes it just doesn't work.  When this happens i like to remember Elementary school because back then we did a lot of self reflecting even though it didn't seem like it. Remember around Thanksgiving when you write down everything your grateful for? Or pick your top 5 favorite things? All of that list making really did make you happy...right? So why not do the same thing today! 
I decided to come up with 50 things that make me happy. If that's to much for you to do, its okay to start small. The key is to just come up with something and who knows maybe i will be on your list...Wink,Wink. 
1. Myself
2. Animals
3. FashionShyChild
4. Love
5. Lipstick
6. Hello Kitty
7. Potatoes
8. Stripes
9. Sour Patch Kids
10. Canada Dry Ginger Ale
11. Sun Flowers
12. Helping others
13. Green Grapes
14. Drawing/Sketching
15. The Bay Area
16. Fireworks
17. Post-it Notes
18. Broccoli
19. Sailor Moon
20. Orange Is The New Black
21. Disney
22. Watermelon
23. Musicals
24. Roller Coasters
25. Traveling
26. Pokemon
27. Late Nights
28. Reggae
29. The Ocean
30. White Chicks (movie)
31. Fashion
32. Tea
33. The color Pink
34. Blythe dolls
35. YouTube
36. Planners
37. 70s era
38. Religion 
39. Technology
40. Super Chunky Peanut Butter
41. Dubstep
42. Gifts
43. 7/11 Slurpee 
44. Rainbows
45. Quilted bags
46. Rubik's Cube
47. Victoria's Secret Love Spell
48. Volkswagen Beetles
49. Sales
50. Fresh Bed Sheets

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