Cortney's Fitness Letter #11

Hey fellow Shy Children!
I know i haven't done a Fitness Letter or let alone talked about Health in general in quite a while but i am here today, to say, i am still pushing. That being said a lot of things have changed, including my weight but i am still on a plant base vegan lifestyle. 
I was mentally down for a little bit wondering why i was plateauing or even gaining weight and i came across videos on YouTube talking about "metabolic damage". I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but what i got from the videos is, all the damage i put on my body over the years could be the reason why i am not loosing weight fast enough or at all... It could be true! Because this time around has been way different than my weight loss 5 years ago. Which is weird since i am eating way better now than i was doing then but i am also eating more. So i guess you can say i am very confused but i have to keep pushing and not give up.
A very important message i do want to give you is, know matter how much weight you loose or gain you are still going to be the same person. So right now before you do anything, look in the mirror and say five thing you love about your body. Because if your like me we always tend to point out what we need to change instead of looking at the positive of what makes you, YOU!

I luv you and believe in you... we can do it!

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