Moon Walking

Moon Walking 5
Top: Forever21 | Jacket: Drays | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Radii | Sunglasses: 599fashion

I don't know what i was thinking when i decided to put on this outfit. I just really like the bomber jacket but it being faux leather and 90 degrees plus out side ... I have gone mad, mad as a hatter! But on a real note do any of you keep up with the news on how people could be going to Mars in the future? I find it really interesting because i am a believer in the thought of other people living in space already aka Alien but i don't have an interest in going to Mars myself. Mainly because to me Mars looks like a BIG Grand Canyon, nothing but dust and rocks. 
If i had the opportunity to go to another planet, it would most definitely be the moon. If your wondering what my space suit would look like, you now have a visual...stylish!

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