Sampled Child: Tints and Sass by Elizabeth Mott

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Hey, fellow Shy Children!

Today i am back at it again with another sample share. I received this product awhile back when i was subscribed to Ipsy. It has been in my testing drawer for a while now, waiting for me to talk about it and i am so happy i can now share what i think about the product with you all. 

So first thing first, packaging. Packaging is everything when it comes to a product. I know its the main thing i look for and the main thing that my eye goes to... cuteness is key! This products packaging is nothing but cuteness and sass, making the name fit it perfectly. I of course read the back of the packaging to see if it was vegan aka cruelty free because i am a plant base vegan, trying to transition my life over to being more aware of products i use and buy. Anyways, Elizabeth Mott's products are all cruelty free so nothing to worry about there and as a bonus for me the packaging was made in South Korea and we all know South Korea is like land of the cuteness when it comes to beauty products,

Now, lets get into the actual product. Out of all the tinted products i have used/tested (really not a lot) this product is more on the thicker side. Meaning the other products where more watery and basically harder to use. Since this one is thinker aka less watery i noticed it to be more easy use for a beginner, who may be more intimidated to using a tent product. Also when you unscrew the product you will notice it a layer that helps brush off product from the wand. So know need to worry about placing to much product. On that note Tints and Sass looks like it could be super bright and with the name Cherry that dosnt help the case. But i am ere to tell you the product is actually really sheer and light, so think of it as a lip gloss. 

The application process:
Lips:  When i apply this product as a lip color i always exfoliate my lips first and moisturize and then i will apply the product like you would any lip gloss or lipstick. Since this will give you a wash of color you can billed it up to what intensity you would like. i don't think i mentioned but it really does smell like cherry's... more like cherry jell-o.
Cheeks: When i apply this product as a cheek stain, i actually us a small stipple brush and apply the product on there and then put it on my cheeks.
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