FashionShyChild : July 2016

July 12, 2016

Sampled Child: Coastal Scents Forever Blush

forever blush 2

Back when I started really getting into makeup and wanting to experiment with massive amounts of eye shadow colors, Coastal Scents is the company I went to for that. It feels just like yesterday I ordered there 88 color eye shadow palette... Remember back in the beginning of YouTube days, that palette was highly popular in the beauty community... Yep! I was on that bandwagon and very proud of it too. So proud of it, I even recommend it in my Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners. That being said if you don't own that palette, you really haven't gotten the full experience of testing out eye shadows... I'm just saying! 

July 11, 2016


Daisies 5

Fourth of July weekend caused me a lot of stress and anxiety since i was working that weekend aka pet sitting. I didn't get much sleep and that caused me to not really eat and all that jazz.
I do have to say though Pokemon Go has really uplifted my spirit and was the only thing having me get dress and go outside this weekend. But i do have to say some Pokemon i just couldn't get too. I am not going to knock on peoples door to go in their living room to capture a Pokemon. I did however capture one in the comfort of my own bed... LMAO!