Daisies 5

Fourth of July weekend caused me a lot of stress and anxiety since i was working that weekend aka pet sitting. I didn't get much sleep and that caused me to not really eat and all that jazz.
I do have to say though Pokemon Go has really uplifted my spirit and was the only thing having me get dress and go outside this weekend. But i do have to say some Pokemon i just couldn't get too. I am not going to knock on peoples door to go in their living room to capture a Pokemon. I did however capture one in the comfort of my own bed... LMAO! 
Last on that game i am happy its getting people out and walking but please be careful playing it. If there is an area you feel and know isn't right for you to be or enter just move on and forget about that Pokemon because it really isn't worth it.
For my lovely friends/readers that have been contacting me asking asking where have i been and when content is going to be up. I am back and content will be up this whole week. I have been going over my reader demographics to see what age levels i have reading my content, so i will know what to put out there and talk about. But if you have any topics you would like to see or see more of please let me know.

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