Sampled Child: Coastal Scents Forever Blush

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Back when I started really getting into makeup and wanting to experiment with massive amounts of eye shadow colors, Coastal Scents is the company I went to for that. It feels just like yesterday I ordered there 88 color eye shadow palette... Remember back in the beginning of YouTube days, that palette was highly popular in the beauty community... Yep! I was on that bandwagon and very proud of it too. So proud of it, I even recommend it in my Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners. That being said if you don't own that palette, you really haven't gotten the full experience of testing out eye shadows... I'm just saying! 

So for this sample testing i am going to be sharing with you my experiences testing out Coastal Scents Blushes. All i have is a sample of two of their blushes but since the colors are a bit different we can still get the experience and gist of how they work. I received this sample in an Ipsy bag some time back and i was really excited to test it out since i have had experience with the company and its products in the past and there is really only great things i can say about them. That also goes a long with these blushes. They are super pigmented, so a little does go a long way. I like to work my way up using the product in tell i get the desired looked i like. Also on my skin tone, since i am on the darker side the colors actually show up true to color and doesn't leave an ashy look. Wen i was testing these blushes out it was a warm day in the 90's and i did have a full face of makeup on. When i tell you that this blush stayed strong the whole day, i was in complete shock. Usually my blushes would fade away or dull down basically having me to put on more but this was completely different. Also if you was in a tight situation and all you had was this product in your bag, you could really use this blush as a eye shadow, since its pigmented and last a long time.

That's really all i have to say about it. I love the blush as you can see and i do see myself getting full products in the future.

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