Eyelash lace

Top: Forever21 | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Drjays | Sunglasses: Forever21

Happy Monday!
From my last post somethings have changed a little bit. I have taken some time off work due to my Eczema flaring out of control and becoming the worst I have ever seen. Since I have been off for a couple of night I have notice a huge change in the way my arms looks and feels.

 I don't ever talk about my skin condition on FashionShyChild but I think it's about time I do. There is a lot of us out there that suffer from this skin inflammation and if you are one you know how hard it is to keep the redness and itching down. If you don't suffer from this you might not get what I am talking about so imagine having a lot of mosquito bits on you that never go away... They just flair down and looks okay but can flair back up when irritated or stressed... That's what eczema feels like.

But getting off of that topic, I did purchase some things from forever21's online store and if you follow me on YouTube I'm sorry you didn't get the first look at what I bought. I need to film an unboxing haul video, so that will be coming up this week.
Other than that lets have a great week and remember to think positively.

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