Where I Have Been

I'm going to start off my saying, this year has been the hardest by far for me. Everything seems to always go wrong and I have been the most depressed and overwhelmed than I have ever been in my whole life. I said in a couple of post back that I wanted things in my life to change and that has been really what I have been working on. But while doing that the top things I love in life have really taken a back seat or have fallen through the cracks. I didn't expect things to get this bad but I knew if I was going to make my life better the beginning of change would be a rocky road.

So let me get into where I have been! The beginning of July was a massive job hunt for me. I have been looking for a job since I moved out here but the luck of that was really slim and I would get discouraged so I basically would just blog and make YouTube videos to keep myself happy and hope something would pull through. But we all know the money/change you make from blogging and YouTube is very inconsistent and if you don't have anything saved or someone that provides for you your basically fucked! So looking for a job was a must and I filled out any and every application. At the end of July if you didn't know was my Birthday... July 24. I spent that with my boyfriend and had fun. Finally got a freakin Keurig... OMG, I wanted this machine for the freakin longest. So very appreciative for getting it! Then a day and a half later I got a call asking if I was still looking for a job and I said, YESSS! Had a group interview, took a urine test and got the job. I have now been working for 7/8 days ( or nights in my case) and it has been okay. It's not something I see myself doing for a long time, since it's not beauty or fashion related but it's a job and I will be making money to afford more things. 

Now this is where things get tricky! I work full time EVERY NIGHT except Sunday night. So I basically only get one night off... Yeah sucks! And the time I work is 6:30pm to 3:00am... I'm really in a tight place since I do have to sleep so I can be alert. But I have came up with a little schedule that gives me a little time to get the things I love done. If you have any suggestions or advice please share them with me.

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