Getting back into reading

This is really embarrassing to say but I'm always completely honest with you, so I'm just going to say it... I haven't read a book since college! Yes, I know some of you are gasping for air right now in shock but I know one the other hand a lot of you can understand and relate to the reason why I haven't read in so long.

When it comes to reading for me, I never really enjoyed it. It was always present in a way of having to do it, instead of being something fun. But I wanted to be that kid/person that could get lost in a book but the book had to keep my attention and a lot of Authors writing styles wasn't doing that for me. It's like they were writing teen/young adult books but not relating to us at all.
Anyways I did find books I enjoyed like the Harry Potter series (I still can't believe I read those books), the Pretty Little Liars series (the books and the show are kind of the same but not really) and The Five People You Meet In Haven (highly recommend this book, you will get sucked in from the beginning).

But I haven't came across any books that look interesting recently. Until one day I was in The Dollar Tree and something told me to just go over and take a look at the book they have... So I did! Tell me why walking over there was a book setting on a stack of boxes and not placed with the rest. In my head I was thinking that the cover looked interesting and it might be something that I would like to read so I left it right there to take a peek at the other books. I don't know what books are at your Dollar Tree because each spot seems to always have something different but mine has a lot of history,mystery and documentaries. So let's just say the ones on the shelf really didn't interest me or the cover art just sucked. And YES! I do judge books by there covers, the same way I do beauty products... That's just how I am.

So I purchased that lonely book and I am so glad I did. It's called Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood and it's apart of The CAhill Witch Chronicles. This book is number 2 of its series and the series goes up to three, making book one called Born Wicked and book three called Sisters' Fate. I didn't see the other books at the store so starting off with book two will just have to do. I'm going to be starting this book today September 1st and hopefully it won't take me a month to read because I really want to write a review of what I think.

That being said if you want to get into a historical fantasy trilogy with me, go pick up this book and we can talk about what we think together on Twitter and Snapchat. I have a feeling I'm going to get sucked in! #FashionShyChildReads

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