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When it comes to eyeglasses and prescription ones at that, I have been wearing them my whole life. I have never had great vision and one eye in particular has always been less strong and over the years changing at that.

I'm basically stating this because I know first hand how much glasses can cost and for a lot of people like myself, dropping $300 plus is just way to much and that's only for one pair. But I do have solution/website I would like to share with you. There is an affordable option and it's basically just one click away called . Yes! They sell affordable and stylish glasses, glasses frames and even prescription sunglasses all in one spot. They even offered to let me pick out a pair and share my thoughts and opinions with you and that is what I'm going to do.

So picking out a pair of glasses on is very easy. Everything is neatly laid out and categorized, that even a less computer savvy person would be able to find there way around. You can pick from a variety of different things within each category like what gender your shopping for, shape and even material. Once you have the selected frames picked out you get to decided on how you want the finish... meaning glasses frames only or do you want to customize the lens to fit your prescription? Everything is your choice but if your going to go the prescription route make sure to have your prescription on hand so you can put all of the info in correctly.

Tip: Check and see if your prescription has your PD = Pupillary Distance you will need this!

My prescription didn't have my PD and my doctor wouldn't give it to me but only there is great websites and videos to help you find out this info. After that place your order and your glasses will be at your door in no time... really no time I think mine got here in little over a week.
One of the most important thing is quality! And with these glasses frames and lenses being on the inexpensive side you might be thinking oh there going to be some little cheap pair of glasses and that is sooo the opposite. The quality of the frames and lenses looks and feels like I went and spent that $300plus and I really didn't but know one will ever no.

Last but not least I would really love for you all my readers to get a new pair of glasses. So provided us with a coupon code you can all use called "GSHOT50". This code will give you 50% off on any eyeglasses & sunglasses with free lenses but I do have to state Sale frames are excluded! So really take advantage of this deal because I know I am. I'm really thinking about getting some prescription sunglasses or maybe even just another pair or regular glasses since I do wear my eyeglasses everyday all day.

PS: If you are interested in the frames I am wearing they are called "Meriden Wayfarer" in black

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