A living room decorated for the dead

I always say how fall/Autumn is my most favorite time of year and truly it is. I just wish it would last longer because out of all the seasons, for some reason fall seems to be the shortest. That being said i go HARD! I decorated different parts of my house for Halloween or All Hallows' Eve but in this post i am going to share with you my living room.

This is one of two living rooms we have in our house. Even though this is suppose to be the main living space, know one sets in here or even goes in here, on that matter. So i took it upon myself to make it more of a themed living space... Its starting to sound like i live in a museum, LMAO!

Anyways, all of the decor (except the famed art, thats a thrift store find) was purchased from The Dollar Tree. So everything was super affordable and easy to find. I am going to be having a Halloween party so more images will be up on my snapchat when that takes place. Other than that if you enjoy post like this let me know and i will be more than happy to share with you another one... maybe a Holiday/Christmas themed living room...LOL!

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