Dual Phase Mattifying Toner: InstaNatural Review

In today's post i will be reviewing InstaNaturals Dual Phase Mattifying Toner. This is not the first time i have used or reviewed a product from InstaNatural. In the past i have loved every product i received from them and still use those same products tell today. 

If you are new to my blog, my reviews are 100% my honest opinion and i wouldn't expect less. I have been testing this product out day and night for a week now. I have also been using it along with two other InstaNatural products. I know your probably thinks, "that's not long at all and how do you know if it really works?" Well to me within the first week i believe you should notice a difference even if its just a little... but something should be changing.

PS: I did receive this product free of charge for testing and review purposes 
So lets go over what this review is going to cover.
In this review i will be covering these aspects: Packaging, Product Review with Pros & Cons, My Final Thoughts...Lets get started!

Packaging: I love the packaging its very simple but high end looking. It also gets to the point in what you really need to know about the product.

Product Review: This toner is meant for oil controlling and that is basically what it does. I have combination oily skin but at times I'm more on the oily side, especially in my T-zone. 

To use this product i wash my face with my everyday face wash and then i shake up the toner because for a weird reason its a two layer product. I have thought about how the product would work if the liquid part runs out first. So that is something about the product i would change. I do put the shaken up milk like substance on a cotton ball, so i don't have to use my fingers and that works well for me. When applying i did notice a slight stinging effect on certain areas around my face. I would expect that's the product working to clean/fix a problem area on my face.After i apply my vitamin C serum and moisturizer that stinging feeling goes away. If i do have some of that clay left on my face i will just pat it in,not really a big deal.

For the mattifying effect i have noticed that it last for a couple of hours before i would have to blot my face. But compared to other products i have used, i do have to say this one does make the oil less likely to happen so often. 

Pros- Controls my oily skin, Smells good, isn't too watery
Cons- Stings in some spots

My Final Thoughts: I would still recommend this product even thought it does sting slightly in some areas when applied. Other than that i have more pros that out way that one con and the way that this product mattifies my face from oily makes me a happy person overall. Yayyy, to having a matte beautiful face for longer.

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