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The holiday season is in full effect and i don't know how this year went by so fast. Its also that time of year where it seems like everyone is coming over and all they want to really do is see how you have decorated or changed up the place since last time they where over. I know for myself that is really popular since we did move into this house earlier this year and this is the first Thanksgiving and Christmas we are celebrating in it.

When it comes to decorating bedrooms in particular i have become more of a minimalistic person. I love the look of a clean fresh bedroom, something that you can relax and sleep in that isn't overwhelming. I decided to work again with  fulcrumgallery.com to review an art piece because its a company i can stand behind and know that you my readers would be getting great deals and awesome customer service. Not only that the quality is amazing and i haven't had any problems with any of my art pieces. 

So i decided to go with a contemporary canvas art piece by Megan Duncanson called "Soft Wind Blowing". Out of all the art pieces i seen this one really spoke to me and it had all of the elements i wanted in a piece for my room. Soft tones, some pops of color and nature with meanings of growth and development. On top of that, the flowers really look like California Poppies but than again I'm not  good at all with naming flower types. I did pick the grey color for the side of my canvas and i am very happy with what i picked. And let me tell you, its a conversation starter this holiday season.

If your wondering how this piece was delivered, i do have to say it take some times for it to be shipped to you since everything has to me made into the finish you want. But the wait is really worth it with the quality and clarity you will receive. UPS will be delivering your package and everything is boxed really securely, so no need to worry about anything breaking. The piece is also wrapped in a bag so if your box does get wet, they have you covered.

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