Gerard Cosmetics First Impressions on three lip products

So i won a YouTube Giveaway Agaelovegirl was having and I posted a video on my Youtube channel sharing everything i won. In that video i did state that i would film and do a blog post testing out and sharing with you my first impressions about three Gerard Cosmetics lip products. That being said that is what i did and im sharing it with you all today.
As a side not i only have one color from three different formula's/types/finishes that Gerard Cosmetics sells. So my first impression could be off with how other colors work from the same exact lines.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick "Buttercup" $19 

This color i have actually been wearing a lot. I do have to have makeup on for it to look normal or the color will make my lips look too washed out...but that doesn't bug me. I really like the formula of this lipstick and the smell and definitely see myself getting more. For the price i think its a little high, so i would definitely recommend using a coupon code or getting it when they website is having a deal.

Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Lip Gloss "Candy Apple" 

Everything about this product is completely gorgeous! I wore this for a really long time on Halloween day and night, had drinks and even ate and everything was still looking pigmented and shiny. This product is worth every penny and the other colors i seen it in... OMG! I need to do a post to plan out the colors i want. But if you can get this one NOW, it would make a great Holiday lip color.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydro-Matte Liquid Lipstick "West Coast" 

I want to love this product so badly but right now i just cant. The packaging is life and everything about that is beautiful but when applying and the paint like streakiness ...i just cant! Im really hoping its just the color plus my natural lip color making it just hard for it to work properly. So maybe a darker color will work better for me because when its dry i think it looks really good and on top of that it looks really nice in pictures and video. So i will get back to you on this one, i need to test out another color to be fair with what i think.

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