Vitamin C Serum: InstaNatural Review

When it comes to Vitamin C serums, i am really new to the whole thing. I got into Vitamin C and Antioxidant serums back in 2015... so a year ago. When i seen InstaNatural had a version of their own i was wondering how come this wasn't the first one i tried. Because i have used other InstaNatural products before and completely loved them. That would have also saved me the trouble of having to use one that i really didn't like, due to its small and texture after applying. 
So when going into testing this version out, i do have to admit i was kinda nervous and skeptical. but i will keep my other thoughts for the review.

PS: I did receive this product FREE of charge from InstaNatural though Tomoson for sampling and review purposes. All opinions are 100% own and honesty is key!

So lets go over what this review is going to cover.
In this review i will be covering these aspects: Product Review with Pros & Cons & My Final Thoughts...Lets get started!

Product Review: When using this product i like to wear it day and night, to make sure I'm getting the full effect. The time i wake up in the morning is when i can really notice the effect of my skin looking brighter and little lines visibly gone. 
I do use the InstaNatural Dual phase mattifying toner before applying. I just wait for that product to fully dry and then i apply this serum. When applying you will notice that InstaNatural made it really simple to use by not making it a pump bottle... so i like that. 
The product is also not sticky like a lot of vitamin c serum i have used in the past, its only a little tacky in my opinion but I'm okay with that. It does smell like oranges probably because the vitamin c but its not annoying and it goes away once the serum dries and when you apply you moisturizer. After that you wont even notice its there. 
One of the things i do wonder about is the Vitamin C percentage that is in the bottle. I looked on the box and online and i can only see and find the ingredients but no percentages are listed. This is something that is really important so i had to state it.

Pros- Not Sticky, Smells good, Easy to use,
Cons- Vitamin C percentage not listed 

My Final Thoughts: I love this serum and it make my skin look bright and youthful, so i deferentially will continue using it in my everyday skin care routine. I also still believe everyone should get into the anti aging prep starting in high school and this product is a great item to include into your skin care routine... so give it a try! 

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