Cute Little Monkey Iphone Case

I have been recently looking for a new IPhone case that i can have as a change for the New Year. I bought one at a real store...Marshalls in the beginning of December and with all my luck, when opening the case already had a little crack. I didnt think anything of it since it was small, so i put the case on and over two week the crack was so big and a part chipped off, i just had to take it off. Lucky enough an Amazon seller offered me an 80% off discount for one of their cases and i couldn't be more happy.

This is a Cute Little Monkey case that i ordered off of Amazon and like i said in the beginning, i did get it for 80% off and had to pay for shipping and the only thing i had to do in return was share my thoughts and feelings with you all.
I had this case for a week and a half now and it has taken me that long to write this post because i never really had a case that didn't give me some type of problem. But this one has been completely perfect in so many different ways.

  1. I ordered this case December 18th and it said it wouldn't get to me tell January something and it was delivered December 21st.
  2. I ordered the Pink 6Plus case and that's the one i received. So no confusion with the seller.
  3. The case looks exactly as it was advertised and what the online description said... Its way too cute.
  4. Came with a bonus strap that you can place on the case to carry your phone around your neck.
  5. THE BEST SECRET OF ALL...The side of the case and neck strap glows in the dark!
Im so freakin happy and the case matches my Mini Happy Planner, so i am really off to having a great New Year. They also sell a Blue IPhone case that has the monkey doing something different, so i will buy that one next. Last but not lease my IPhone does have a Rose Gold back, so depending on what back color your iPhone is that is the color that will shine through.

If you would like to purchase this case you can do so HERE

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