Daily Goodie Box: December Products and Review

Hey fellow Shy Children!

Its that time again where i review and share everything i received in my Daily Goodie Box. This box is for the month of December and some products i do have to say where repeats from November. Im not complaining because some where actually really good products and i don't mine testing them out again. 

If your new and still don't know, Daily Goodie Box is a "FREE" sampling service that ships out more than just free samples because you can actually receive full sized products. All they ask in return is that you sample the products and then go online to their site and leave an honest review of what you think... that's it, it's that simple!
To sign up, just head over to their site dailygoodiebox.com hit the sign up button, fill out your profile and about you page and wait to qualify. Remember everything is FREE!

Product Review:

I was so excited to get this product. I use Chia seeds a lot when i make Chia seed pudding. I need to feature that on here so you all can see how i do it but this product is amazing. if you make smoothies every morning this individual packets would definitely come in handy and make your job a little easier.
Non GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher

I have tried Quest bars before when Quest sent me two protein bars to test out and i really loved them.When i was in GNC i did see these bars advertised as new and i was kinds thinking about getting some. But receiving one in this box was amazing. This cereal bar is so good and it really doesn't taste like a protein bar. They really know what they are doing.
No Gluten Ingredients

This little probiotic was so good! I only received a sample for real, one gummy. But it had a really nice taste. I cant say if it changed anything since i only received one but i will keep the brand in mind.
Vegan, Non GMO

I am not a fan of beets at all, i cant stand the taste but why was these cookies sooo cute and good. These cookies is the only way beets would get into my body other than that im still not a fan of beets but i wouldn't mind having another pack or case of these cookies.
USDA Organic, Non GMO, Kosher, Made in a Peanut and nut free facility

I of course didn't try this product out but i did give it to my boyfriend for him to try out and he liked it. He said he wishes they would have sent more in a pack or individuals for him to try but he did have me look up the price and where he could buy them. I think its a winner for the men.

These chips are good. I would see someone eating them as a smack after the gym because they do have a protein taste to them. So yeah they are more of a gym bag thing.
High Protein, Low Carb & Fat, Vegan, Gluten free, Non GMO

Why does foreign candy taste soo much better than American candy. I really didn't not feel guilty eating these and i do  love them. It was a sad moment when the bag was gone but i did share and they did last a couple of days so yes, i want another bag
Preservative Free, Low Salt

This stuff is still super nasty and im not going to lie, i was kinda pissed i received it again. It taste like its bad for you and it doesn't just have an after taste, it also has a nasty beginning taste. I just cant with this product.
Vegan, Gluten Free, Naturally Sweetend

I received this product in my first ever Daily Goodie Box and i am so happy to have another tube. This product will not go to waste since i do suffer from eczema prone skin and for some reason this year has been the worst for my breakouts. I couldn't recommend this product anymore, its really a must try... you will love it.
Petrochemical free and pH balanced

I am so happy i received these again! My boyfriend and i are obsessed and im definitely going to find them so we can have them with lunches or as a snack.
Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Saturated Fat Free

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