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In my last post i said i was going to open up and cover topics that i just been skipping over. I dont want to say avoiding because i wasn't intellectually doing that, but technically it happened. So today you will learn what kind of parties i like and would definitely recommend.
So the panties of choice i go for are Victoria's Secret Pink. My sister years ago got me into buying this brand of panties and now im full on addicted. I know some of you are thinking, "OMG! Those panties are expensive AF!" and im not going to front... $10.50 for one pair is complete craziness. 
That is why you go when VS is having a sale. This day when i went VS was having a 7 for $27.50 deal going on, so i picked out four pairs and my sister picked out three. The only reason we new about this sale was from the Victoria's Secret Pink Nation app we both have on our phones. Its a free app that gives your all the great deals Pink has to offer and you can shop through the app if you would like.
I do gravitate to the Cheeksters and the Thongs. But thats just personal preference if you were wondering.

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