Shades Of Green

tones of green 2
Bag: Target | Boots: Target | Jeans: Forever21 | Top: Walmart | Button Down: Borrowed | Sunglasses: Forever21 (similar here)

It is so nice to be seeing shades of green around. I don't know how its like where you live but fall, winter and half of spring the green grass and plants are up and bright. But when summer rolls around  everything gets burnt out from the high temptresses. So I'm going to enjoy this beauty while i can.
Anyways my bag is a Target new item i recently bought a month ago and while i was looking online i seen that they also have it in white. I personally wouldn't want the white color for this time of year, since i am more into dark color bags... well lets just be honest here, I AM ALWAYS INTO DARK COLORED BAGS! Speaking of dark colors, how would you feel if i started to wear all blacks and neutrals again? I dont know, i like that all black or black and white outfit look... Maybe its the Wednesday Addams in me ❤❤❤

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