Nip + Fab Skincare Product Review

When it comes to testing out new interesting products, I'm completely for it. Exceptionally when i can give my own opinion on what i think about the product. 
So around the holiday season i was sent these five products to test out. At first i didn't have a clue what the brand was but i remember hearing and seeing talks about it from UK bloggers/vloggers and if i remember correctly Kylie Jenner was promoting the Bust Fix. But its hard to be for sure since she promotes and talks about so much stuff.

Anyways, starting out i had an open unbiased mindset with a little skepticism since i wasn't sure if i would be able to properly review the Bust and Cellulite fix. Due to the fact that i have never seen cellulite on me (i even asked people around me if they see any and they said no) and for the bust fix i have a large bust area and im not sure if this product could help me. But from those points you will find out how wrong i was and why its such a great idea to just give products a try.

So lets now review Nip + Fab Products...

Since the name stated it was a pen i really thought it was going to be a pen eyeliner but no its actually a pencil and im okay with that. Actually i am more than okay with that because this product is amazing on so many different levels. First, its super easy to sharpen. Second, the product is creamy so it glides on nicely and is very black. That is actually on of my pevs. I dont like when products say that the color is black and really its a grey,charcoaled or dark brown but for this one it really is black. So this is a definite repurchase for me.

Nip + Fab Body Cellulite Fix:

I focused this product on my thighs and like i stated before i don't have cellulite but might as well still test this product out. You all no and can see that i am a thicker girl, so my thigh area doesn't quite look like someones thigh who has a smaller frame. That being said when i applied and tested out this product i noticed that it hydrated my thighs and helped them look more even and smooth aka the little fat lumps disappeared. But since i had to apply to a bigger area and use more of this gel i came to discover that its kinda sticky or tacky. It something that you have to let dry on the skin for a while before putting on pants or hopping in the bed. Would i repurchase this? I don't know. i am going to use it some more and test out other areas, so we will see.

Nip + Fab Body Bust Fix:

Everyone wants to find something to make it look like they had a boob job and this product could possibly be something that can help you a little. I noticed when applying it made the skin around my bust more hydrated. So it looked smooth and brighter. Did it lift or plump i dont think so but the overall appearance of them was nice and hydrated like i stated before. I do have to say that this product does smell good but the gel has a sticky feeling that was really off putting to me. but other than that i will keep testing it and see if anything changed. Would i repurchase this? No, because i still dont feel like it for me.

Nip + Fab Smooth Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix:

I have never used a face primer that helps with all the problems my skin has. This product really does smooth and blur the skin but it also helps with mattifying. That being said if you have oily, big pores and acne this product will make your makeup application glide on. To be honest i sometime just wear it by itself so my face can just look smoother. This is a definite repurchase for me.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads:

These type of pads take me back to my early teen years when i used to use acne pads to clean the sweat off of my face. But for this kind i like to use them in the morning when all i really have to do is wipe my face off since i do a huge part of my skin care at night. but if i do decide to use these at night its for the days that i didn't wear makeup and i basically just need a cleaning to take off some dead skin. I have notice that the product brightens my skin so look more vibrant and youthful. If your wondering if i would repurchase this, i consequently already have a backup...Wink,Wink.

Disclosure: I did partner with Collectively in the form of getting these products free for testing purposes

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