When Distractions Takes Over


January has been nothing but a huge detraction! Back in December i felt like i had everything together. I was motivated and very ambitious to making my New Year way better then what the last year was. I had my plans all set, new planner and the mind set to concur the world... or so i thought!

On January second i published my goals for the New Year and after that life took over in the most craziest way ever. I was being put down by the people around me. Was it unknowingly or intellectually i don't know. All i know is that it effected my mood. I was waking up later than i wanted too.. 9am to be exact to plan/have an idea i wanted to do for that day... but from the pictures we all know when that turn hit.

I would get up, do my hair, F**K getting dress, drink coffee thinking i would get energy to after just messing around the whole day. I new it was starting to get bad because my motivation for blogging or filming videos stopped. I was way more excited to wake up and play GameCube's The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures... YES, playing as four people and there is just one of me, big nerd i know! But i wasn't apart of the world, i put myself in a web of weakness. Becoming something i am not! I am the type of person to do anything and not give a damn what people think. If it felt good to me it was right.

So i got myself together and put on my big girl boots.
That brings me here today, writing my confessions and evaluating my mistakes. The best is yet to come and when you mess up, no matter how big or small it is just get back on track and go for what you wished and dreamed of. February is going to be special and exciting and i cant wait to share it with you all.💖

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