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February 24, 2017

Top Five

{Roses, Cider & Chocolates the Boo got me}

I know Valentines Day was little over a week ago now but i didn't post anything about it except on Snapchat. Since i have been blogging for 5 years now, i noticed that i plan, work and think about special or important days instead of actually taking the time to really enjoy them. Everything we do now seems to be "for the gram" (or Snapchat) instead of just enjoying it or leaving something private or special. So that's basically what i did for Valentines Day and the rest of the week and i do have to say, "It was really special and i actually enjoyed it"

{Book of the month, reading in bed with coffee}

{My medicine cabinet magnets are the cutest}

{Planner stickers i bought from Sweet Kawaii Designs & KeenaPrints}

{Snapchat filters never fail}

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