Bright Bright


I used to be one of the many that hates Daylight Savings Time. But all of that has changed since moving into this house. I talk about how dark my house is all the time on Snapchat and if you watch my Vlogs you know exactly, what I'm talking about, I swear you would think this house was made for Vampires or something. But don't get me wrong i like dark tones, its basically what i live in when it comes to my fashion. I just cant have my living environment being the same.
We all know that studies have shown that the enjoyment, light (day and night) and seasons can change the way people feel. So for me being a person that spends 85% of my time inside, in this house can really have a tole on my emotions and feelings.
 I can make a whole post on this topic but here's a few tips. Use what is naturally given to you... Daylight Savings Time! I wake up, open all the blinds and windows and doors if i need to... make it BRIGHT BRIGHT! Since the days are longer and brighter use outside more, even if that means tou have to set up shop in the backyard. 
Just never give up on finding solutions. The dark side will never win!

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