Dollar Tree Beauty Test: Dark Spot Corrector and Moisturizing Foundation


Testing products from Dollar Tree has always been a favorite of mine. I love finding inexpensive things that actually work and sharing the find with the people around me. Since i do a lot of Dollar Tree shopping and testing, i thought why not share some beauty finds with you and give my honest opinion just like i would to my family and friends.
This trip i picked out two products that i felt would benefit a lot of us and help with our skin looking its absolute best. So i went with Skin Nutritions new york Age Defy Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector and Sassy + Chic Moisturizing Foundation. 
So lets break the products down and see if its worth buying and using.

Skin Nutritions new york Age Defy Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector-

Review:When i seen this product right from the spot i thought it was Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller until i read the packaging and found out it wasn't but states that it does basically the same thing. I personally have never tried the Garnier one since it is on the pricey side of drugstore and to be honest i wasn't going to spend that kind of money when my under eye ares isn't something i worry about. But for $1 i don't mind giving this a try.
I am in my mid (almost hitting late) 20's and i have notice my under eye area getting/feeling/looking really dry. Like i said before its not something i worry about but since i take a lot of pride when it comes to my skin care (its basically a religious practice) i don't want to look older falsely. This product does state that it helps correct Dark Spots, Age Spots and Blemishes for all skin tones with the help of Retinol,Kojic Acid, Ascorbic Glucoside and Polypeptides. Retinol is something that i am the most formilar with since its in a lot of the products that i already use. So just telling me that i had some hope for it. I'm actually really surprised with how this product works. I use it two times a day Morning and mostly at Night. I apply it to any place on my face that i feel needs fixing and the results with the hydration is amazing for the price. I do have to rub in the product after applying since its something that doesn't absorb really fast. Once dry you will notice s slight tacky feeling but if you apply and products after this (a moisturizer) its fine and not bothering.

Pros- Hydrates, brightens, feels relaxing, dark under eye and small lines gone

Cons- a little tacky feeling when dried

Final Thoughts: This is a nice add on to any beauty routine if your eye circles or spots isn't something that really bothers you or you just wont some hydration for under your eyes. If you have problems that do bug you and you feel like you have tried everything, this is still a great product to test out but you might still have to find something the is a little stronger and cost more, Either way this product is still cheap and it wont be like you wasted money or broke the bank to give it a try.

Sassy + Chic Moisturizing Foundation-

Review: Personally i have been on the lookout for a cheap foundation that i could wear for a short time for filming YouTube videos or taking face shots for my blog photos or OOTDs. Because lets be honest sometimes i do what i need to do and then the makeup comes off. So using my good foundations for this would be a waste of money and great product. 
Anyways i did get this Sassy + Chic Moisturizing Foundation in Dark 1. That said is the darkest out of the four and when i seen that i was kinds of like OMG! because usually that means its a ark of the lighter skin tones but in this case i was completely wrong. This color mated my skin perfectly! The directions on the back does say to apply and blend with fingertips but i dont like doing that so i did use a e.l.f. Powder Brush that works great for applying foundation in my opinion. This product also has no smell coming out of the tube but i did notice when you apply it to your face and start blending it does smell a little bit like plastic. Another thing is if your a full coverage person or a light coverage person, this product does not state the coverage. I think its because its more of a BB or CC cream type of thing but they just call it a foundation.
For me and my oily skin i did have to prep my face with Giovi Matte Finish Make Up Setting Spray and Nip + Fab Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix. If you do have dry skin you might not need to do this since the product is actually moisturizing and will give a slight dewy finish. After applying i would recommend setting it with a powder because its not a foundation that could be worn on its own... lets face it its only $1. And if you wont that high coverage look using your powder will achieve that.

Pros- Light weight, Moisturizing, Matches to skin color, non oxidizing, not watery

Cons- Needs to be set with powder

Final Thoughts: I will definitely repurchase this foundation, maybe in multiples at a time. Since at my Dollar Tree the dark color goes really fast. I really didn't have high hopes for this product but now i am a true believer especially since it lasts longer on my skin then most of the other foundations i own and use. So i really hope you test this out for yourself and if you do please let me know what you think.

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