I'm Going On A Trip

Jacket: Forever21 (Similar Here) | Jeans: Charlette Russe | Sandals: Adidas Adilette Slide | Sunglasses: Forever21 (Similar Here) | Purse: Target Mossimo Satchel

This weekend (Sunday to be exact) I will be going on a little trip. Its not going to be for long since it is a day trip for an event my best friend is having and im so excited. That means i will finally be heading back to The Bay Area. I haven't been to The Bay since i moved out here and that was almost 3 years ago. 
I'm letting you all know just in case you see me out there and you wanna come up and say Hi... because your not seeing a ghost its really me. I'm the same way i act online and come across, very shy but once we talk a little its cool. I will be on Social Media a lot that day so you will know my exact location from here. But i will talk about it more as the week goes on.

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